January 8

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It has been a long time since the mad flurry of posts on the blog and part of the question, has to be, why?

I think that I actually lost sight of the thought that I started with which was just to get stuff onto the blog.

I read some articles and even e-books on the whole subject of SEO and I got stuck in analysis paralysis being worried about not just what I was writing but also how I was writing it based on the idea of wanting people to find what I was writing.

That meant I went away from the most simple rule, if you haven't written anything then no-one is ever going to find it because it just doesn't exist. Being in your head does not share it with other people. Getting it into an article does.

Get the stuff out there. You can always go back and revisit it later, you can add tags and maybe re-lay it out, if you have to.

Have the thoughts of SEO in your head but don't let it become the driving factor. Having one perfectly crafted, SEO optimised article is great. But then what else is there for someone who has found that article to read? Basically, nothing!

Instead get well written articles out there that are answering the issues and then begin the optimisation plan if the articles aren't getting any traction at all.

I also got distracted by the idea of rebranding and getting a logo. I know what I want the logo to look like (in my head) but can't come up with graphic to do it justice.

However, I got stuck into the idea that I should have a logo so that visitors recognise the site and the brand. Because of the ideas in the logo it was and is designed to tie all the threads together and that would then feed various blog articles in its own right.

Because I can't get the logo where I want it, I felt that I couldn't write the articles so this all contributed to the productivity freeze that has been going on.

So stop talking about it, just do!


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