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After a number of years with a website that has been ‘mis-behaving’ it is time to start again with a blank slate.  To do that, I have for now decided that we would use a WordPress blog to host the site as it is a quick and easy way to get something up and running and somewhere that people can get to.

Doing this has been a hard decision to make.  For many years, this site (and others too) was running off our own custom XML based CMS system that we called NEWT (Nice and Easy Website Tool). It worked very well, we were very proud of it, until a back-up of the site went awry and it turned out that some others had too and basically everything was lost!

So, for now we will be using a tried and trusted mechanism and sharing information this way while we rebuild a platform and the site and re-launch everything once again (maybe.)

Today, Sunday 7th February 2016, marks a small turning point for the Company too as we are starting to consolidate in a number of areas that we have not previously shouted about and that will begin to become apparent over the next few weeks.

If you are one of our previous customers, then welcome back, old friend, we’ve missed you.  If you are new to Solutions Reality then welcome and I hope you join us in the rediscovery of our journey.

Best regards,


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