February 20

Three fingered Salute…


 SHIFTkey  Pkey

If you learn no other keyboard shortcut in Sublime Text then, please, learn this one!

This will open the powerful shortcuts menu from where you can edit/select most things.

Do yourself, your fingers and your mouse a favour and try this today!

For those on Windows, it's almost exactly the same except just replace cmd with CTRL

(update 23/2/16)

My apologies, I am trying to get my head round all the pieces of the WordPress puzzle and it would appear that there are still quite a few bits to learn.  Despite setting all the tags correctly on the images, it seems that they have a mind of their own and are showing up completely differently, not just on different browsers (as expected) but even within the same post at different times of the day.

This is all a good learning experience, however, as it helps me to work out the proper ways to do things going forward.


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