October 17




Yes, it's time to wake up and start rebuilding!

You may have noticed that this site has been quiet for some time...life at Solutions Reality Limited has not...we have been busy developing away in the background to embrace the endless possibilities that new technology brings to building new solutions for the real world.

The time for us to share is almost here.

We could have spent a long time rebuilding a site, thinking through all the designs and structure, we are a tech company after all... Or...we could update WordPress to the latest version; get some assets and templates through Envato Elements; build a new logo and icon and start sharing the information...  

So, here we are, creating and sharing the content, so it gets from brain to screen via the quickest path possible.

Update 3rd November

Some more reconstruction has taken place as part of the rebuilding.

I have migrated the site across to using ThriveThemes as we plan on using a number of their tools to help with the running of the site.

There are still some more changes to come, but this should be the last of the very big ones - at least for now.


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