October 17

Introducing the SRL Information Cycle

Today I would like to introduce the Solutions Reality Information Cycle.

Over the past few months, I have been consolidating some thoughts on capturing the core components of information flow to maximise its value. To make sense of it all, I have essentially produced a map of how information potentially goes through various transformational stages within an iterative process, depending upon its complexity and depth.

(While it has taken a few months to develop this version of the model, I have drawn on years of experience to make it look this simple.)

An overview of the information cycle. A block diagram of steps and the pathways between them

The information cycle (click to view larger image)

You will notice that there is deliberately no start or end point, instead you can pick up at any point as information flows through stages Some places seem more likely to be a start and possibly an end of process, but, in reality, you could take any point and follow the cycle from there.

Over an ongoing series of articles, I will explain more of the thought processes behind this map, explore the stages and flows between them, and how they all interrelate.  These stages will also be used as tags on the posts, so if you are looking for more information on a particular title, feel free to use this as a search term.

However, behind this simple flow is a deep and powerful toolkit that we are happy to share with you.

I want to share two animated versions of the map to show that the flow has meaning and can make a difference in interpretation.  While they are similar, significant differences will matter in some scenarios.  Please let us know which of the two animations you prefer in the comments below.

Version 1

Version 2

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