November 22

How to build an Autonomous Vehicle

A quick and simple video made to show what an autonomous platform might look like.  An autonomous platform is the base that you build your solutions on. (There is no sound).

It seems a bit simple

This is a gross simplification but it was designed to get a conversation going.  There is enough accuracy in the model to tell a story without needing to go into the detail.

However, if you want to or need to, then you can use this as a launchpad to take the conversation further.

There's not a lot to this platform...

An electric vehicle has less moving parts than its ICE contemporaries, but that doesn't mean that it simple.

(I also wouldn't recommend that you try and build this platform as there might be a few missing pieces...)

If you build an autonomous platform, how much simpler is it than a vehicle that is built for humans, first? What requirements change when you are building for a computer first?

Start the conversation

This simple video has the power to show that a simple animation can open up a conversation. It can explain complex things really simply.

It was used as part of presentation and workshop to get the discussions flowing.

(This was a simple experiment whilst working out the right way to create a 3D model in Blender.)

What do you think?

What story do you take from this?

Why would a bus be a good place to start?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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